Best Magazine cover and feature!

The Verinos started the year with a lot of interest from media. The idea that ordinary middle aged women could start to learn instruments and quickly form a band is very popular.

Best Magazine interviewed Vim Verino – aka Ruth Miller about the music project. The journalist who wrote it has to tug on your heartstrings, so be warned!


New Single; more gigs from The Verinos!

We’ve been busy recording a new song, ‘No Time To Form a Band’ which is released on 10th February. Seeing as you’re following our little blog, you can have a sneak private preview of the video! Shhh! We haven’t told anyone else yet, so keep it to yourself for now.

The next gig is an alternative Valentine’s Day at Duffy’s Bar, Leicester on, um … 14th February 8-10pm, with The Verinos and a bit of comedy silliness. Do come along!