The Verinos First Gig Today!

Here we are on Sunday 14th October 2021 at the last band rehearsal before our gig today. Keyboard player Vixen isn’t in the photo because she took it.

The best things about being in an all-female band are the friendship, enthusiasm and the unhealthy snacks.

In putting together a website and posters for The Verinos, I’ve done a lot of picture searches for ‘women’ ‘music’ ‘band’ ‘older’ – words like that. And honestly, the images that come up are either a well-preserved Los Angeles blonde beauty earnestly strumming an acoustic guitar on the beach, or a woman in a care home shaking a tambourine as therapy.

Here, Google, please have our picture. This is what some women do in their 40s, 50s and 60s! They go to a rehearsal room, play punk rock and share a picnic on the floor. They moan about the disgusting toilets but that doesn’t spoil the fun!

The Verinos playing live in Leicester at the International Arts Centre, Garden Street LE1 3UA Monday 18th October 2021 onstage 7.30 and also on Friday 22nd October at The Soundhouse Leicester onstage 9.15pm.