More gigs for The Verinos

We played loads of gigs in March with some of the other Unglamorous Music bands and had loads of fun. Our intention was to do less in May and June because there’s a compilation album to release and we want to start recording our own album. But people keep offering us gigs and it’s hard to say no. But are we punk or are we pop? It’s hard to say and we think we’re maybe both …

On Friday 30th June, we’re back at The Big Difference, Leicester which is a super-cool venue to play at. It’s where French/German TV channel ARTE came to film the unglam bands playing recently. Arte Film

On Sunday 20th August, The Verinos have been added to the Leicester Punk Weekender closing party bill, along with Unglamorous bands Glitch Magnet and The Wonky Portraits. There’s some vintage punk bands on and we’re on stage 2 just before Buzzcocks hit stage 1 at the end of the night. We’re grateful to Matt from Firebug Bar who has arranged this second stage which balances out the male-dominated original punk sets with the cool new mainly women bands. It’s refreshing, modern and doesn’t detract from what Chelsea, UK Subs, Buzzcocks etc provide – it just acknowledges that women also love punk and can be part of it! We’re honoured to be asked – especially because we’re a very poppy punk band!

The following week, on Saturday 26th August, The Verinos take a road trip to Sheffield to play at Sidney and Matilda for the Sheffield Pop Weekender. This is a great line-up and again, we’re honoured to be asked … especially as we’re a punky pop band! Tickets here This is what they say: “Don’t go to those hideous massive festivals with sponsors’ logos everywhere and leery lads setting fire to tents!” Sheffield, we’ll see you soon!