L-R Vim, Vi, Volcano, Vixen, VeeDee Verino.

The Verinos – attitude, cracking songs and playing like complete beginners

New all-women band, new website under construction

The Verinos is the first band to be formed in June 2021 as part of the unglamorous music project. Older women don’t usually start learning to play drums, bass, electric guitar, and forming a garage band with their friends – but why not? The Verinos are doing it!

We’re not trying to be the same as young star-struck bands, or those older guy rock bands who can play really well and have thousand-pound guitars. We are truly the new wave of old punk. Simple tunes, thrashy music, teamwork and fun like you’ve never seen. It’s not a joke novelty band. Unglamorous music is a whole new seam of serious art rock for new fans and old fans and there will be more like us.

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